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iBiquity Digital  has a competing standard (to DRM) for "Digital AM" broadcasting for United States that is compatible with analogue AM broadcast. Same for FM
IBOC - "In-Band-On-Channel technology"- The  "HD Radio" Digital Audio / Text signals are transmitted on "sideband" on each side of the center analogue AM Signal, the same one you current AM radio tune to.

PAC - "Perceptual Audio Coder audio compression technology" allows CD-Quality Audio with other data contents on digital signals within existing AM/FM bands.
HD Radio
- Simultaneous Digital & Analog Audio Broadcast
- Near CD Quality Digital Audio with Artist name, Song title, Album, etc displayed
- Wireless Date Services may includes radio program information, breaking news stories, weather alerts, local traffic conditions, weather, and other interactive audio services.
Selected Press Releases
- Jan 7, 2003 - First HD Radio Commercial Broadcast - KISS Detroit, Mi
- Jan 10, 2003 - 40 Markets to Broadcast HD Radio in Early 2003
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