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The International broadcaster always list their program and broadcast times using UTC, the "World Standard Time", which is the time in England. The world is divided into 24+ Time Zones.

You can use any number of Time Zone Maps, or Time Conversion Charts to find the broadcast time of your program in your local time. Listen to "Time Signal station" below to  get Exact UTC time.

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Map Table
World Time Signal Stations   WWVB Radio-Controlled Clocks
From NIST Time  Frequency Division
  Some station has audio "click" each second and
  time announcements just before the minute mark.
Country Call Letters Frequencies in MHz Service / Agency
ARGENTINA LOL 10 Observatorio Naval
 Buenos Aires
CANADA CHU 3.33, 7.335
& 14.67
Time Services of Institute for
National Measurement Standards
CHINA BPM 2.5, 5, 10 & 15 National Time Service Center
Chinese Academy Of Science
INDIA ATA 10 ---
RUSSIA RWM 4.996, 9.996
& 14.996
Russian State Time and
Frequency Service
SOUTH KOREA HLA 5.0 Time and Frequency Laboratory
Korea Research Institute
of Standards & Science
TAIWAN BSF 5 & 15 Nation Standard Time
& Frequency Laboratory
2.5, 5, 10 & 15
20 MHz WWV only
Time and Frequency Division
National Institute of Standards
 and Technology
WWVB 60 KHz*

This table is based on Transmitter Documentation Project's Time Signal Shortwave Radio Stations Page & William Hepburn's SW Time Signals List.

*Every county listed above, including  USA has a Long Wave (VLW) Time Signal Stations.  The
 LW frequencies are way below the Shortwave and AM bands. These station have no voice time
 announcements but may transmits an digital signal to keep Radio Controlled clocks "on time"

Other International Time Signal Station List
AC6V's Time And Frequency Stations List - An older list by frequencies.
Martin Schöch's Time Signal QSL Page - No station web address listed.
William Hepburn's VLF & SW Time signals Lists.
Standard Time Signal Bureaus of the world
KEIJI BCL's List*(in Japanese)  - Has detail page on each Time Signal Bureau / Station
  This  SW broadcaster listener club, BCL, is in Kyoto / Shiga, Japan area

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