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Digital Shortwave  - will use the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) multi-media digital  radio broadcasting standard for frequencies below 30 MHz.  That include Shortwave (SW, 3-30 MHz), Medium Wave* (MW,  which is the AM band, 540-1700 KHz) and Longwave (LW, 150 to 540 KHz) band. This technology decode digitize "Raw"12 KHz radio signal feed converted from the radio's Intermediate Frequencies (IF) 455 kHz Stage.
Main Screen Shot for

 From -Screen Shots
PC Shortwave Radio

From FhG Software Radio
Prototype Receiver

From RN Receiving DRM

From RN Receiving DRM
DRM's Features:
DRM Broadcast info below
Audio:  - Sample link below
- Up to 4 Mono Program
- Has Stereo Mode
- FM Quality Sound
- Text Display
- Still Images
- Web Pages

Note: This is not the official DRM broadcast specs, but what the webmaster seen on various DRM related webpages.  It is subject to change.  Which feature you use depend on what is being broadcast and which software and / or hardware you are using.

DRM Radios:
DRM  receivers Modification below
Prototype  consumer receiver displayed at Sept. 2002 International Broadcaster Convection  in Amsterdam, Netherlands. See
 -  DRM Press release on Sept 9 &10th, 2002
RN Receiving DRM
- Professional Receiver version:
FhG Software Radio by Fraunhofer IIS
- "Consumer Test" Receiver version: or RN Receiving DRM
- Requires a "IF Freq. (455kHz)  to 12 kHz output conversion kit" for your radio. This signal is sent to your PC soundcard input for decoding
DRM Receivers Modification Info
- Documentation Download
- AOR UK Ltd.
& SAT Service Scheider
DRM's Broadcasts:
RN's DRM Transmission Schedules page

Now DRM broadcasts within Europe & to
the world except South American 

DRM's Inaugural Broadcast on June 11, 2003
at WRC-03 by ITU  ---   DRM Photos
- DRM Press Release on June 11,2003
G303i Shortwave Receivers on PC Card by WinRadio
- Last IF stage & demodulation stage done in software.
- Software demodulator for AM, FM, CW, LSB, USB
- Compatible with  FhG & Merlin 'DRM'  receiver software
- Soon WinrRadio's DRM demodulator be available
  delayed due to licensing issues.
DRM Audio Sample: - on Chris Mackerell's DRM Reception in New Zealand Pg.
I have heard DRM Audio files from above website and they sound as good as real audio
files on the broadcaster's own web site. Is this how shortwave broadcast should sound?
For more information, see:   - Official Digital Radio Mondiale website
- Radio Netherlands's DRM Page & Digital AM Links
- DRM Deutschland - German language website on the roll-out of
  DRM Service in the German speaking countries

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