2004 - Self Portraits

2008 Self

 ... Low Tech

 ... High Tech
These Self- Portraits were take with Concord Eye-Q 4060 AF* 4-Megapixel Camera
 late November and early  December inside Peter Kiewit Institute at
 University of Nebraska of Omaha South Campus
An silhouette reflection of me in
the window of the Distant Learning
Classroom  (PKI 104) door. The photo
take at 2:30pm November 24, 2004
At the UNO South Campus Apple Computer
demo, a window on this G4 Powerbook* have
 Isight* view of me at 12:47 pm, December 200. The
Isight camera* is clamp on right of screen on top
*Link to 2003 Steve's Digicam Eye-Q 4060 AF Review, Wikipedia article on Isight & G4 Powerbook

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