Let's Celebrate
Omaha's Sesquicentennial
1854 - 2004
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What does Sesquicentennial mean? Downtown Omaha [Trans-Mississippi & Internatioal Exposition]
May-December 2004
150th Omaha's Birthday related events/activities by various organizations and groups throughout  the Omaha area - is part of the  150! Community Partnership Program.
     See Omahabirthday.com and TheOmahaChannel.com Calendar page for Events List& details.
The Sescui-Cent Superpass (May 25 - July 18, 2004)
150 cent off to single admission to seven Omaha area Museums & Attractions
July 16-18, 2004 - Birthday Festival
Presented by First National Bank and Mayor Mike Fahey
July 18 - Omaha's Gigantic Birthday Cake @ Qwest Center Omaha
About 6000 have  a piece of this 30-foot-by-45-foot cake
The Sesquicentennial Commemorative Coin
Omaha's Sesquicentennial Websites & Publication
• Official Website: www.omahabirthday.com
Omaha Birthday Celebration 150  by TheOmahaChannel.com
• Sun, June 13th Omaha World-Herald Special Magazine section "Omaha 150"

Source of information in this section are from  150! Community Partnership Program (vic Gutman & Assocites, 402-345-541),
www.omahabirthday.com & TheOmahaChannel.com Calendar& Festival page
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"The First People in Waterloo" -a Waterloo School Districts learning Web page
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Birthday  in Print - Omaha World Herald articles
March 9, 2004 :Three-day birthday party is in the works for Omaha
May 25, 2004: Discount pass tied to Omaha's birthday
July 15, 2004 :Commemorative coin is built on city's success

July 15, 2004 :This cake will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth
July 15, 2004 :Sunday's family festival features giant cake
July 17, 2004 :Sweaty fans give 311 a 10 at Omaha's 150th
July 18, 2004 :150th Birthday Notes: First came 'boom,' then 'beep beep'
July 18, 2004 :A Birthday Boom
July 19, 2004 :Topping off celebration was a piece of cake - and then some
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