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Historic Homes

  1. Boys Town's Father Flanagan House
     - For information click on this building on the Boy Towns tour map.
  2. General Crook House*
  3. General Dodge House
  4. Joslyn Castle
    - Also see  Joslyn Castle Page by Castles of the United States

Museums in Council Bluffs, Iowa
See Green #5-9 on Map above

  1. Commemorative Air Force Museum
     - For information, see Attraction page of CouncilBluffsIowa.com
  2. RailsWest Railroad Museum & HO Model Railroad #
  3. Squirrel Cage Jail #
  4. Union Pacific Railroad Museum ## - See Overview from UPRR
  5. Western Historic Trails Center ###

Museums in Omaha, Nebraska
See Red #10-18 on Map above

  1. Czechoslovak Museum & Gift Shop
    - Locate in Sokol Hall on South 24th - Official Website.
  2. Durham Western Heritage Museum in the Omaha Union Station*#
  3. El Museo Latino
  4. Freedom Park (Closed)  - The home of 
  5. Great Plains Black Museum (Closed 2001)
     - Also see page by MuseumStuff.com
  6. Joslyn Art Museum
  7. Mormon Trail Center** @ Historical Winter Quarter
    Also see the Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters
    from the Mormon Church website
  8. Henry and Dorothy Riekes Museum**#
    - At the west Omaha Jewish Community Center.
  9. Omaha Children's Museum

Other Area Museums
See Orange #18-22 on Map above

  1. Boys Town Hall Of History
    For information click on this building on the Boy Towns tour map
  2. Sarpy County Historical Museum
    Info is on the top of BellevueNebraska.com's Historical Sites and Facts page
  3. Strategic Air & Space Museum
    Platte River Recreation Map for location.
    Part of the "
    Platte River Playground" Attractions
  4. Valley Community Historical Museum  - Old Page
    For location, see Greater OmahaArea Map


* From Douglas County Historical Society website
# From Pottawattamie County Iowa Historical and Genealogical Research
## From TravelIowa.com
###From State Historical Society of Iowa Website
*# An
Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission page by city of Omaha
**# Form Jewish Omaha - Organizations page

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The Omaha background was drawn by Steve Adams.
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